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Mutya Ng Ibaan 2012 Candidate Clarence Caraig Ozar Of Brgy. Munting Tubig

Brgy. Munting Tubig's Pride: Ms. Clarence Macaraig Ozar

Full Name: Clarence Caraig Ozar
Age: 19
Height: 5’4
Vital Statistics: 26-33-35
Education/Course/Year BS Information Technology/ 4th year
School: : AMA Computer College
Parents/Guardian: Maria Theresa Ozar

The Interview

TIA: What would you do if Phil Younghusband knocks at your room’s door?
Clarence:  Oh.My.Gosh. Haha. I dunno. Why is he knocking at my door? It’s kinda freaky. I mean, the handsome Phil Younghusband right at your very doorstep? C’mon! I think I would be lucky if that happened because I think all of the girls liked him. I guess I would just hug him and take a picture of us. (It only happens once in a lifetime. I hope my boyfriend wouldn’t mind!) https://s-static.ak.facebook.com/images/blank.gif

TIA: What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard from a guy? When and where was that?
Clarence:  Well, I know pick-up lines are cheesy but I liked it anyway. Hehe. I can be corny sometimes. I think the worst pick-up lines are those clichéd. Like, they would always keep on saying it over and over.

TIA: Has anyone broken your heart before? What happened?
Clarence:  Uhm… I don’t think it got broke but, yeah I did have a hard time being into a relationship. Just like any other teenager, I’ve been hurt. I cried. But soon moved on. I learned from my mistakes. Maybe I just expected too much from him.

Clarence loves to cook pasta dishes and takes pleasure doing it.
TIA: What do you think of him now? What will you tell him if given the chance?
Clarence:  What? Haha. I have nothing to say. It was a very long time ago. Did I mention he is my classmate?

TIA: What can you do to make a guy hate you?
Clarence:  Does this mean like turning him off if he tells me he likes me? I don’t want to be that rude and make a guy hate me. But if he’s being makulit, I will speak to him politely. Anyway, I don’t want to be that rude and make a guy hate me. I’m sort of a peace-lovin’ person.

TIA: What’s the first thing you’ll do after the pageant?
 Clarence:  After the pageant, I would thank all my family, my friends, ka-barangay and our president who supported me all the way. It was a hectic day and I feel like maybe treat myself a good, good sleep. ZzzZ

A stunning lady in purple dress.
TIA: Do you cook? If you do, what do you usually cook? Will your future husband be proud of your kitchen prowess?
Clarence:  YES, I DO! I love cooking and watching cook shows on TV. It’s my thing. I make lots of pasta dishes at home because they’re my favorite. I don’t mind eating it every day! I’ve always had this dream of becoming a chef someday. Yeah, I’m pretty sure my future husband would definitely be proud of me. I’ll cook for him every single day, it’s my pleasure. https://s-static.ak.facebook.com/images/blank.gif

TIA: What part of your house gives you the serenity you’re looking for?
Clarence:  Hmm.. Nothing in particular, but I always find myself comfortable in front of the television. I watch movies a lot.

TIA: Where do you think you’ll have a better life/work, in the Philippines or abroad? Why?
 Clarence:  That is kinda hard to answer. The fact that jobs abroad give you a higher salary is quite convincing me. But I don’t want to be miles with my family and I’m sure there would be a Job Fair in Ibaan naman, right? https://s-static.ak.facebook.com/images/blank.gifSo, I would stick here in the Philippines. I feel better when my family is around.

TIA: How would you feel assuming you failed to win Mutya ng Ibaan 2012?
Clarence:  I would genuinely understand that someone wins and someone looses. That’s life. Things may not always go according to what you want. Being one of the candidates is a huge achievement for me! Plus, I’ve met new friends.

Clarence looks forward to becoming and IT Specialist.
TIA: What’s the most sarcastic/offensive comment you’ve heard about you since you joined Mutya ng Ibaan 2012?
Clarence:  So far, I haven’t heard of any offensive comments about me. But you know, you can’t avoid what people thinks at the back of their minds. I just live my life like the only people who judge me are the ones who know me. If people will throw bad comments, I’ll take it as a challenge for me. Some people I know always criticize me about my weight, I just laugh at it. I’m like “Right, I think I should take my diet and exercise seriously.”

TIA: How are you going to promote your barangay and the Municipality of Ibaan?
Clarence:  My idea of promoting my barangay and municipality of ibaan is by simply showing them that Ibaeños are well-united and we care for each other and we love this municipality. To be able to do this, I myself would be a good example to my kabarangay. Like, I will be a good citizen, I will care for my community, I won’t do anything irresponsible. I mean, those little things, will make such a big difference in our province and that way. People will eventually realize how great Ibaan is, and the people living here!:)

She's headed to greatness.
TIA: What is your stand in Reproductive Health Bill?
Clarence:  I am Pro in RH Bill. I believe that reproduction is one of the major problems of poverty in the Philippines and it should be controlled through many methods of family planning. It’s just so sad and heartbreaking to see poor Filipino couple having many children, and yet they can’t even feed their kids decently.

TIA: Is there anything that you want to change in Ibaan?
Clarence:  I don’t want to literally change it. I would like to use the word “improve” rather than “change”. Ibaan has natural beauty that money can’t buy. I mean, the natural resources here are amazing and truly a God’s gift. We should take good care of it and maintain cleanliness. It’s for our own good after all.

TIA: Among the candidates, who do you think is the most competitive? Why?
Clarence:  All of us are competitive, but I think Dang Gomez is the most competitive. She’s from a well-known school and she got the beauty and brains. (Not to mention her long, beautiful hair. I’m totally jealous about it. Hehe)

Other photos of Clarence
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Studio and rice field (Brgy. Quilo, Ibaan, Batangas) photos by Ronald S. Toreja of Taga Ibaan Ako


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