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Mutya Ng Ibaan 2012 Candidate Princes Sison Almendral of Brgy. Talaibon

Brgy. Talaibon's Pride: Ms. Princes Sison Almendral.

Full Name:Princes Sison Almendral
Vital Statistics:34'26'35
Education/Course/Year:Practical Nursing(undergraduate)2008-2009
School:AMA Lipa Computer Collage
Parents/Guardian:Martiniano M. Almendral & Adelaida S. Almendral

The Interview

TIA:  What did your parents told you the first time they heard the news that you’re joining Mutya ng Ibaan 2012?
Princes:  My parents told me that it would be an honor to join Mutya ng Ibaan 2012 and represent our Barangay.
Princess has learned to socialize more being in Mutya Ng Ibaan 2012.

TIA:  What’s your fondest memory during your high school days?
Princes:  The excellent relationship with my friends and classmates, the best of times.

TIA:  Is there any song that best describes who and what you are now?
Princes:  The song “Who Am I” by Casting Crowns. Ipinapahayag ng kantang ito kung sino at ano ako ngayon, na ang Diyos ang palagi kong gabay at sentro ng lahat ng aking ginagawa.

TIA:  What extreme sport you wish to try? Why?
Princes:  I wish to try car racing because I like to compete, it’s exciting and full of expectations.
Princess has the elegance and grace of a woman.

TIA:  Assessing yourself, what do you think is your best asset to win Mutya ng Ibaan 2012?
Princes:  I think my best asset to win the Mutya ng Ibaan is my character as an individual, because it shows my features and traits as a true person. It reflects the beauty inside and out.

TIA:  Why do you think some men become unfaithful to their partners?
Princes:  I think men become unfaithful to their partners maybe because their relationship starts to wither and that they are no longer happy with each other. Ang kanilang masaya at matamis na pagmamahalan ay unti unti ng lumalamig.

TIA:  Who’s your role model? Why?
Princes:  My role model is my father because he is so hard working and very responsible. He takes good care of our family.

TIA:  What are the things that make you feel good being a woman?
Princes:  The elegance and gracefulness of being a woman and that we have many ways to express ourselves.

TIA:  What will you choose for dinner, hawot/sapsap/dilis or fried chicken? Why?
Princes:  I would choose hawot because it is so tasty and affordable.
"We are individually unique", says Princes.

TIA:  What do you think of the women posing for men’s magazine like FHM?
Princes:  I think they are sexy, smart and brave and they have the guts to show what they have.

TIA:  What will be your reasons for you not to join Pinoy Big Brother?
Princes:  My reason would be sense of privacy. I am a private person and anything that concerns me should only be known by the people who are close to me. It should not be publicized.

TIA:  How are you going to promote your barangay and the Municipality of Ibaan?
Princes:  Thru representation to various socio economic programs involving cleanliness, health and sanitation, proper garbage disposal and youth empowerment.

TIA:  What makes PNoy a bad President?
Princes:  If he didn’t pursue what he promised he would do about the eradication of corruption in the country.

TIA:  Is there anything that you want to change in Ibaan?
Princes:  I have nothing to change in Ibaan. It would probably be an enhancement and improvement of the present Ibaan that we have.

TIA:  Among the candidates, who do you think is the most competitive? Why?
Princes:  I think all of the candidates are competitive. We are individually unique and each one of us has the qualities of being Mutya ng Ibaan 2012.

Photos of Princes
Other photos of Princes
Pictorial at sugarcane plantation. Photos taken by Ronald Toreja of Taga Ibaan Ako
Ibaan 180th Founding Anniversary Schedule of Activities


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