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Mutya Ng Ibaan Candidate Rose Ann Celira Roallos of Brgy. Sandalan

Brgy. Sandalan's Pride: Rose Ann Celira Roallos.

Full Name: Rose Ann Celira Roallos
Age: 18 yrs old.
Height: 5'4
Vital Statistics: 34-27-30
Education/Course/Year: 3rd year BS Information Technology
School” Batangas State University
Parents/Guardian: Maria C. Roallos

The Interview

TIA: What did your parents told you the first time they heard the news that you’re joining Mutya ng Ibaan 2012?
Rose Ann:  Honestly, at first, they told not to join. Everyone knows naman na joining such competition, no matter how prestigious it may be, it entails a lot of monetary expenditures. We’re not that rich. We don’t have much to support other incidental spending. It’s a costly competition. I was such a persistent one. I did try convincing them to allow. Fortunately, I was able to get a nod from them. And they are on an all-out-support now.

TIA: What’s your fondest memory during your high school days?
Rose Ann: I do have strong inclination in playing Volleyball during my high school days. I love the game. And every time I play, I get a boost as well on my confidence. It helps me become a stronger person, and ready to take on any challenge. Volleyball did make my high school days a memorable one.

TIA: Is there any song that best describes who and what you are now?
Rose Ann: I think the song that best describes me is Born This Way By Lady Gaga.

Rose wants to try surfing, an adventurous one.
TIA: What extreme sport you wish to try? Why?
Rose Ann: Surfing, Because I think it’s an adventurous thing to do. It requires a lot of balancing skills. Those huge wave represent everyone’s problems, If I may say. But a surfer knows how to overcome them. And even take a ride. And I really love to try that one.

TIA: Assessing yourself, what do you think is your best asset to win Mutya ng Ibaan 2012?
Rose Ann: The best asset that I posses is my ability of socializing with others. Everyday, we meet different people with different character. And we have to deal with them in different ways as well. I’m actually fun and easy to be with. You can it a try. Ha! Ha!. But physically, I would say, it’s my cheek bone.

TIA: Why do you think some men become unfaithful to their partners?
Rose Ann:  Let me tell you this straight. It’s all about lack of communication and failure to totally commit one’s self into a relationship.

TIA: Who’s your role model? Why?
Rose Ann:  She’s no other than my mother. Because she always find ways to solve our family problems that we encounter. She doesn’t easily give up. She makes sure that everything and everyone in the family are on the right track.

TIA: What are the things that make you feel good being a woman?
Rose Ann: Having a lot of friends, being active in school and even in our community, good commitment to God and family and appreciated by others makes me feel good that I am a woman.

Communication is important in a relationship - Rose
TIA: What will you choose for dinner, hawot/sapsap/dilis or fried chicken? Why?
Rose Ann: Fried Chicken, it makes my mouth watery.

TIA: What do you think of the women posing for men’s magazine like FHM?
Rose Ann: For me, they are proud to have sexy figure and beautiful faces.

TIA: What will be your reasons for you not to join Pinoy Big Brother?
Rose Ann: I would prioritize my studies rather than joining PBB.

TIA: How are you going to promote your barangay and the Municipality of Ibaan?
Rose Ann: By joining programs, and any other events in different places.

TIA: What makes PNoy a bad President?
Rose Ann: Lack of publicity, I guess. Other than that, I really don’t have any bad comments about PNoy.

TIA: Is there anything that you want to change in Ibaan?
Rose Ann: I want to improve the facilities and programs that our municipality do access.

TIA: Among the candidates, who do you think is the most competitive? Why?
Rose Ann: No other than I myself, because i know that my friends and family believes that I have the gut of being Miss Ibaan.


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